Smaller plates

Many enjoy a hearty meal portion every now and then. Especially on special occasions. It’s for that very reason that the consumer’s meals become more moderately sized when it isn’t a special occasion. The consumer’s appetite is becoming more moderate. They are watching what they eat and how much they eat. Smaller plates allow the consumer to be more conscious of what they are consuming and how they consume it..

So why the moderation? They are finding true enjoyment in a smaller plate because they appreciate and savour each bite. This habit of moderation of course has desirable health benefits too. The result of this is putting on less weight, feeling less bloated and being able to have more meals without the guilt.


Smaller Plates Trender Insights



We are living in a time where consumers are constantly trying new ways of achieving better health and enjoyment. Smaller plates are just one way in which many consumers are doing it. A safer way to. It’s way less radical because they aren’t necessarily cutting out foods they enjoy but choose to consume less.

It isn’t a new concept but it is a relevant one amongst consumers right now with the desire to look and feel their personal best.

Consumer’s may make their own meal portions a moderate size in their homes. They don’t always have that freedom in restaurants when they go out. While some consumer’s that visit these restaurants may go for the generous portion, their friends or family may not want to eat a big meal. This often leads to ordering a meal just to eat half and take the rest home. Food isn’t always better when you take it home.

Restaurants offering generous portions are seen as good value however they do not cater to this health insight. It would be worth looking into a alternative health-conscious menu that takes moderate portions into account.

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