About us

We are a 100% black-owned market research & advertising agency.
TrendER came into being in 2014, when founder Mogorosi Mashilo, who was a strategist at a large multi-national agency at the time, became increasingly frustrated with the way poorly executed communications was being developed due to a lack of market insights and understanding. TrendER was therefore founded on the need to understand the “why”, before determining the “how” We believe in the power of market research to find the truth, understanding and insight to produce insight driven ideas that will help solve some of the world’s business and social challenges.

We all have ideas, however the greatest and biggest ideas stem from a deep understanding behind the idea. This capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of the consumer is called insight. Insight drives everything we do, it is all about understanding at the heart of the idea.
It is the power of insight that informs our great creativity,
It is the power of insight on which we identify trends
It is the power of insight that helps us connect your brand to your consumer
It is the power of insight that builds successful brands

This is where TrendER, a market research and advertising agency company is perfectly positioned. We produce insight driven ideas that have creative relevance and show local understanding.  We achieve this through the services we offer that being concrete research and the creative side of things. This is important as it ensures that clients do not have to speak to multiple and different suppliers to achieve a simple goal of effective marketing.

This means that the distance between market research insights and creative ideas is short, and therefore brands and marketers can immediately act on insights to achieve relevance and impact for business objectives.