Women earn less

In one of the most liberal parts of the world, Hollywood, female actresses still earn less than male actors.

Hollywood lives by an entirely different set of rules to South Africa. They are more liberal in their thinking. However in both places the standard is the same – women earn less. This shows that regardless of how liberal a place may be, women still get the shorter end of the stick.

Now in 2017 there has been a rise of women standing up for their rights and with more and more people marching forward. Perhaps this might make a change in what women are paid.

Hollywood actresses seem to have it all yet they’re agitated by this reality which has prompted them to voice it. In our own country women haven’t been as vocal about not earning the same as men.

In South Africa we promote equal rights but society doesn’t actually reflect it. Female contribution in most cases is less valued than a males and for it to be valued, women have to almost become like men to be valued.

This is what needs to change. That women can succeed being who they are and equally valued for the qualities they bring to the table that may be different from a man.

The problem is that more value is placed on what results in money but sometimes it is the unseen that the woman brings to the table that actually does result in money. Companies look at the end goal of profits instead of a broader equity perspective which females definitely do contribute to.

Women feel like they need to work harder than a man to earn a better salary. Men are the benchmark in the corporate world that no matter how had a woman works she can’t seem to reach the point where she is treated as equal even on that level. When will this issue that women earn less change?

It is a societal problem that is slowly shifting with the younger generation who value female power more. This is mostly seen on social media which is largely made up of millenials who have every intention of changing the status quo and doing things differently. Perhaps in 10 years time when this generation is the force behind corporations and leaders in entrepreneurship then the gender pay gap will begin to shift in a direction that truly promotes equality.

Women Earn Less

There is a strong desire to be compensated for skills rather than your gender. It is an issue that needs to addressed and tackled by brands that wish to empower women financially. So that no longer will we have to say – women earn less.


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