The new definition of black success

The ever constant shift in lifestyle creates new experiences. These new experiences in turn redefine and create a new perspective to what success currently is now, compared to what it was.
Materials and showing off was the common belief of new success amongst the emerging black market. However that is not true anymore, black diamond classification is becoming a thing of the past. In fact according to a TrendER Insights report “The New Definition of a Black Successful Man” not only do they want people to see them with these achievements and money. They also want to enjoy them to the fullest.

Shift from public admiration to self fulfilment.

It is no longer about having material possessions to gain public admiration. It’s about living life to the fullest and enjoying every aspect of their money and achievements. Success is now all about one’s experiences in life and making the best of every moment.
It is not about flashing or bragging but rather a symbol of recognition. Therefore Material possessions will obviously come with the territory, however New Money Syndrome is a fashion fad for just a few. It is not a classification of every Successful Black Man. It just depends on how one behaves when having acquired these possessions.
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Black success is still doubted.
Society has negative perceptions of successful Black men, “There is some criminality involved in them attaining their success – it was acquired illegally or as a BEE handout.”
The societal perceptions of a successful Black man are often negative. Society does not recognise the successful Black man by his individual merits, hard work and passion; but believes that their success was enabled by another or a result of criminal activity.

A typical modern successful man is still not given the credit that they deserve but instead have been turned into a gimmick. For example, the portraying of the current successful man as a BEE stereotype with poor English fluency and a big belly, driving a big SUV car.
These exemplifiers of successful Black men are not necessarily true reflections and can be considered to be quite offensive to others.

There is a new wave of black success and it is up to us to recognise and acknowledge the individual talents behind this success. This means there is a new shift in behaviour and lifestyle with the emerging lifestyle. What was percieved as “success” within the black market a decade ago, has compleely changed to what it is today.

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