Mass Market

Bring Back iBantsela (added value, extra)!

The question needs to be asked whether the average South African is a value driven centric customer or a mere luxury-oriented customer that comes from the back of a poverty-stricken history and is

Umgowo _ I’m Going through…Guys!

A South African IsiXhosa slang word which means that one is going through the most/going through a lot- Mgowo (other derivatives: gowa, gowishing, gowisha, umgowo) “I want to live my best life…”

Embrace the “Oksalayo” type

Regardless of the facts presented before me, I reiterate that my misinformed obscure perspective is still valid whether you like it or not – Oksalayo. The Oksalayo type’s resilience and perseverance is one


Re-turn on Investment vs Influencers

“How can I help you” – Digital Transformation

The technological shift to the fourth industrial revolution beckons for us as a nation to do a quick market audit with regards to the readiness of this market to take up these

The Era of Broadcasters

Humans have an innate desire to experience different moments in life as they carve out their path through life. Take the emotions that one goes through in a day for instance. In addition

More social media options: Tik Tok

From Myspace, to Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat and now Tik Tok The age of social media is evolving at a rapid pace more than every giving the youth and more options

Passion vs Profession: The age of creativity

The disappointment of qualified mass black youth without jobs in South Africa has shifted the needle of success from profession to passion. The black mass market’s measure of success is

Online vouchers popular than traditional coupons

Retail shopping paper coupons have never been a popular loyalty program or incentive to the South African consumer. South Africans, especially the mass black market have seen couponing as a