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The age of the influencer hasn’t even come close to subsiding. Over the last few years, social media has turned the whole world on its head time and again. Giving people from all over the world a chance to access an industry that was once reserved for a very select few.



The youth of 2017 can be described as many things but being called “influential” seems to be the sticking trend. Social media hasn’t just given a closer connection to brands but gave the average kid a platform to be inspired and to inspire others.

As brands and their following grow so do the followers who are on trend and actively participate on social media. It’s well known consumers have interest to be ambassadors and advocates for brands through social media. Further more the youth wants to collaborate with brands, wants to give product improvement recommendations and wants to customize their products. All the brands have to do is pick from their fan base.



During this selecting process brands need consider who they trying to reach and how are they going to reach them. It’s easy to look at someone’s social media following and assume they’ll be able to influence as many or more people with your brand behind them. However that not might be true at all.

How one may present themselves professionally and around friends or fans maybe very different. Be aware and get to know the youth through social parties or fitness work outs. That way brand managers get to see how they interact professionally and socially before any steps are made forward.

Article by Candice Simon
TrendER Insights’ Editor & Trend Analyst



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