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The cellphone or iPad/tablet (in some cases) is a part of the consumer. It contains their connections, loved ones, their special moments, inspirations and aspirations. It is a treasure that holds what they will one day have and is basically a tool to live out their dreams.

Considering this attachment to digital there has been a natural progression to an increased dependency on shopping online. It’s like having a shop or selection of stores with you wherever you go. You are able to access items needed at any time, any day and anywhere in the world. As a consumer you do not have to rely on in-store service which in South Africa has a proven track record of being unreliable.

Online shopping is for the majority a wish come true. However there are people with spending power that still hold reservations towards shopping online.


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So many people love online shopping. These are the people that need to be used in advertising campaigns. This will help people overcome the reservations they still hold towards shopping online. They have fears of being scammed. Not receiving packages and if they receive these packages they are worried that it may not be what they expected. Some people don’t experience those horrors and online shopping is progressing greatly in our country. It just takes a nudge in the right direction to grow the online shopper market. This is done through testimonials. Not the kind you see at the bottom of a webpage but a nationwide campaign that will change perceptions and attitudes.

Lobo, a consumer I spoke to exclaimed that everyone needs to shop online. Surely he knows someone who feels differently to him. However if he were to share his great experience with his friend perhaps that friend too would begin to shop online.

Online reviews haven’t seemed to change negative perceptions of online shopping. It’s important to bring those reviews to life in a way that aims to change perceptions.

Brick and mortar is not going anywhere however neither is online shopping. There is more opportunities to create a digital shop than a physical shop. In our country it is a growing market and whether your digital shop is new or you have been around for years like MR P it is worth growing your online market by overcoming negative perceptions still held by South African’s not just through reviews on your website but through a broader-appealing campaign to substantially grow online shopping.


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