Nature is inspiring many industries. People are eating more natural foods, wearing their hair natural, wearing no make-up and increasingly looking for escapes nearer-to-nature. Nature is having an impact on how consumer express themselves, where they go, what they eat, wear and how they present themselves to the world.




People believe that using filters on Instagram makes the imperfect appear perfect. However because of this natural movement it’s less about making things appear perfect. It’s more about embracing who you are and where you are. You should have an openness towards imperfections.

Perhaps a platform like Snapchat shouldn’t remove filters. Their names and colour compositions should be more inspired by nature to keep in touch with the consumers need to be nearer-to-nature.

Pantone, the world-renowned colour authority, states that greenery is the colour of 2017. This further promotes the connection between the consumer and all things natural.

Industries in general must seek to understand what they produce and sell and it’s impact on nature.




The perception of nature is simplistic, good, wholesome, satisfying and perfect. People are seeking solutions that give them a feeling of the above and it is found in the natural movement. It is reality that the world is often viewed as opposite to the goodness of nature. This being the reason for the longing to be nearer-to-nature.

How then can brands look to nature and incorporate its elements into their brand offering – resulting in being nearer to the consumer. It is important for brands to find relevant nearer-to-nature tactics. This will be used as a means to connect with the consumer.


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