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In recapping part 1 of my 2 part discussion about unlocking the human truth behind the trend, we need to always stay cognizant of the fact that consumers are actually human beings. Therefore their motivations, lifestyles, attitudes and even buying behaviours stem from core human instincts, beliefs and values which are usually the key influences behind what they do on a daily basis. Unlocking this human truth has clear benefits such as stronger brand connections, localisation and consumer conversations.

With that in mind, we can move from what the human truth means for us as marketers and onto viewing this from a consumer’s perspective.

Yes, you might have unlocked the human truth behind what consumer’s motivations, attitudes and beliefs are giving your brand. You might have also discovered that this is a point of entry to communicate or bond with your consumer. However, a relationship is never one sided and is something that all parties agree to collaborate on, coming from of a mutual understanding between both parties.

Many brands have successfully unlocked the human truth and have articulated people’s motivations and behaviours beyond just the trend or fad, but their communication still does not resonate with the consumer…

Knowing someone’s behaviour, likes and dislikes, and personality does not necessarily mean that they are going to like your brand. There needs to be something about your brand that they can relate to, which holds meaning to their needs and way of life. Therefore your brand truth is just as important to consumers as the human truth is important to you.

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Your brand truth is that very element that consumers need to clearly understand, believe and trust in order to form a collaborative relationship with your brand.

It is of utmost importance for you as a brand to clearly highlight what you stand for and what your core purpose and vision is. By effectively communicating this in conjunction to a consumer’s existing belief system (human truth), a mutual understanding of each other’s beliefs and values is formed, and thus creates a deeper human connection between brand and consumer.

In reference to Henry Ford, “If I asked people what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse.”. This means: Don’t just let your brand communication or positioning be based purely on the consumer’s activities, behaviours and beliefs, but let your brand expertise and years of experience also guide the consumer in developing solutions that can better their lives in a way they have never imagined before.

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