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Normally the order is: body and soul. Working out and eating right should make one feel good and happy. Scientifically, those feel good endorphins released when you exercise instantly boost your mood. In addition to this it’s a fact that a more toned physique makes you looks better. Therefore when you look good, you feel good. People have sworn by consistent physical fitness. Pursuing body goals to make you happier.

However things have started to be seen in reverse. Especially amongst the youth.

Many of them want to take care of their souls first. Their bodies come after. Soul and body.

Good energy and good vibes is about surrounding yourself with people that motivate and uplift. They have many social interactions at events that they go to that motivates them to become a person that radiates positive energy. This is because all events are about feeling good and having fun. This movement of energy that comes from the soul rather than the body has even gotten life on social media like Instagram. #goodvibes is sitting on close to 27 million. That isn’t even including users who caption their pictures good vibes with tags.


Good Vibes
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It is that sort of positive energy that gets them into the gym or out for a hike or even a run or yoga session.

The soul is taken care of through positive affirmations and self-motivation. Being motivated by influencers that they think give off ‘good vibes/energy’.

It is said that health is the new wealth. Young people are more happy and satisfied in their souls which is giving them peace with their bodies and makes them do workouts that they are comfortable with and that’s ideal for their lifestyle and body type. That’s why exercise offerings are so varied and people engage in so many different styles of exercise.

As a health brand how are you merging the need to nurture and uplift your consumer’s souls. Digital and social media is the best platform to connect with this audience and be a part of the soul then body movement.

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