Mobility Sharing Economy

A practice commonly used in developed nations has reached our local travel culture. This has taken a step further to using Uber and Taxify applications to catch a ride to work or from the club. Mobility sharing has exceeded beyond catching a lift with a friend or colleague.

With the introduction of digital applications, where people can share a ride with total strangers through requesting from other app users in the area. Traveling to the same areas or take the same routes to their destinations, these can be requested and scheduled on the digital apps. This movement is building a disruption in the transport industry as it answers to the challenges that we are faced with of high fuel prices, unsafe public commute and the traffic congestions we have on our roads through single occupancy travel.

Applications such as Cartrip, findalift, ugomyway and many more that are coming up are giving consumers a chance to have mobility. In and around their surrounding areas. This new system of travel brings a unique offerring for both the driver and the rider and will be taking the market by storm.

The shift towards people to this market brings people together and opens up a whole new economy for drivers. Having less costs on commuting for riders as these are people of  the same areas that travel the same direction and routes.

As prices and the costs of living keep plummeting higher and higher, people are looking at solutions to make a bit of cash. While saving through these kinds of different avenues. Mobility sharing is definitely one to look out for.

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