New work flow

Digital is the enabler to the new work flow. It is inspiring pre-teens, teens and adults alike to change the meaning of work and to create new ways (more fun ways) of making money.

Consumers are now sellers too. They sell themselves, their products and their services on social media and if they are adults with real adult jobs this new work flow is extending their hours beyond 9-5 office jobs.

The new work flow is also about working so you can travel or travelling so you can work. The two are becoming more interconnected. Be it through travelling within your city or abroad and documenting your journey through blogging or vlogging – money isn’t made by staying in one place.

Speaking of one place, less and less people want to be confined to a restricted office space. Work is becoming about exploring and seeing the world, that is where you meet people, network and find new opportunities to make money.

Many companies are considering extending work hours to include the option to work at home or out of office. This opens up an opportunity to create spaces for these individuals to work that are engaging and vibrant yet still focused.

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