Bearded men

Jidenna, American music artist, was influential in the bearded-look movement. It started to explode back in 2015 when his hit song “Classic Man” was released. It has become an anthem even to this day because bearded men are turning out to be the new “classic”.

A bearded French man who I had asked why he was growing his beard had said “because it’s classic”. This wasn’t always the case. The clean cut, shaven look was the “classic” look of a gentleman. It used to be a fashion statement to put on a great suit and have a nice hair cut with a clean-shaven face.

I myself would often be surrounded by men who take pride in their appearance. They get all dressed up and part of that process was shaving their facial hair to complete the look.

Today the process is different, globally. A man may get his hair cut, puts on his best clothes as usual and be going to an important event but he doesn’t shave his face, the furthest he would go is to shape his beard.

Today a rugged beard doesn’t mean “unkept” to the consumer. It is a classic look that can be seen on a gentleman.

This then creates the opportunity for brands to illustrate ‘gentleman’ or classic looks more relevantly. Further, they can create products specifically for beard treatment. Helping men to change the perception that growing a beard shows a lack of care. Rather it is a part of them that can look good.

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