The insight of transcendence in this context may or may not have a spiritual element depending on the person trying to attain it and to each his own. It is what people and funnily enough many young people are trying to attain. Transcendence can seem unobtainable but it is being attained in small ways. It’s about rising above and you will find this mind set most commonly among the young.

Regardless of the age of those aspiring to transcendence the insight is found in why they want to achieve this state. The number of problems any given consumer faces from day to day can be plenty and right now the world is a crazy place where the consumer’s life can be just as crazy and unpredictable. One consumer mentioned the stress of work, anxiety and using meditation to cope. Another mentioned prayer. Transcendence is the key to success and every consumer wants some form of success. Today’s young consumer faces much more stress and difficulty than that of the previous generation who didn’t have as many relationships and weren’t connected to as many people. The previous generation didn’t broadcast their lives to the world, had less information to process than young people do today and quite honestly didn’t have the intense pressure to succeed and make something extraordinary out of their lives.

While consumer’s may not understand why such crazy things are happening in their lives and around their world they still endeavour to govern their own space and it is in that space where they take charge and find the coping mechanism of transcendence to successfully deal with all that happens in their lives. Transcendence as mentioned before is “to rise above”. People are continuously striving to rise above from the challenges they are facing and the way in which they do this varies.

The previous generation overcame problems pretty much alone or with the help of a few close friends or family if they were lucky. Back in the day it was easier to become oppressed by the problems they faced. Today the youth are free enough to rise above their problems and have greater help and resources in dealing with difficulty. The age of social media and the internet can often be seen as negative but in many ways it helps achieve a state of transcendence. There is a detachment to the craziness happening that allows the person to feel peace and achieve their own version of success regardless of their challenges or the challenges around them.


As a brand what measures are you taking to help your consumers ‘transcend’ current difficulties that bring a sense of ease and peace to their already stressful lives?

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