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Through digital progression people are able to express emotions easily. It sometimes takes literally one emoticon. The ease of expressing oneself through a simple symbol has become common. Especially on social media. Sometimes people don’t know what to say but they know which emoticon to use. If used intentionally that single emoticon can express volumes.

The youth sometimes express themselves more easily with emoticons than with words. You see this in how they caption their Instagram pictures with emoticonsĀ over words. Considering how expressive clothing is, especially today, designers can create their own emoticon symbols as shortcuts to expressing the brand personality. These symbols can be brought to life on their designs through screen printing/ silk screen printing or even badges or patches that can personalize clothing.

It is a huge trend now that has resulted from the consumers need to express themselves and personalize what they have. One of the biggest forms of expression is through clothing. It’s the first thing people see after all.

A consumer buys a certain brand because they have the same personality or aspire to that personality. So in creating unique symbols for that personality you are transferring it onto the consumer. It is a new way to brand products, through brand-personality-centred symbols that connect with the consumer.

That way however they choose to express themselves, it is still connected and reinforcing what your brand stands for.

This trend has been seen in home decor. Particularly cushions as well as small accessories like key-rings.

Express Emotions Easily



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