Mindset dressing

Consumers are wearing what is happening in their minds. Today you will meet women who are extremely comfortable with their masculine side and who often sport some items that you would think are for a guy. On the other hand you’ll meet super feminists who choose strongly to not wear a bra.

The mindset of the youth has changed drastically to the ones their parents had at their age. Not just because of technology but also because they are being educated and making friends in a different and more diverse time. A person’s influences, dreams, the way they dress and what they wish to become is altered. With a bigger set of people and information than that of their parents. Therefore communication and even product development can not mirror the past but it needs to be adapted to these new mindsets.

IMG 3714As a brand it is important to understand the various mindsets of the South African youth today. To cater to what they believe and dream of achieving through the power of dressing and clothing because one thing is for sure. The youth understands that appearances matters in how they present themselves to the world. They know that what they wear stands for something and is a signal of communicating with what they believe.

Article by Gabrielle Mixon
TrendER Insights’ Fashion Researcher, Communicator & Trend Analyst

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