The best thing since sliced bread

Even a commodity category can become innovative.

For decades no new innovation has accrued in the bread category since the innovation of sliced bread. Simply put, bread has just been bread and that is what consumers have learned to accept. Innovation in this category came with how creative you could become in making sandwiches and or a combination of bread with other food but never with the actual bread itself.

Blue Ribbon Sandwitch Squares Trender 3


However all of that is changing as Blue Ribbon’s new advertising campaign. Showcasing a new innovation in their product range – The toasted sandwich squares. This campaign started as a teaser campaign alluring to the fact that something new was coming. This is now revealed that indeed it is a new innovation with bread that they have come to introduce to the market.

It is such innovations that create a spark in the category leading to even more innovations from manufacturers and brands alike.
Blue Ribbon Sandwitch Squares Trender 1
The consumer is now in a space where they can get exited about the category again, product parity is now reduced and consumers no longer will buy with a commodity mindset. The purchase decision making process has become exciting again for the consumer and bread is no longer just bread.

Article by Mogorosi Mashilo
TrendER Insights’ Founder and Trend Analyst

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