Less sugar more life

If you look at the menus of restaurants, be it their drinks or food most options are packed with sugar. Unless it’s a salad which isn’t the most satisfying meal option at times and there’s only so much salad you can have in a week.

There is a huge opportunity and need for restaurants and bars to cater to the need for less sugar.

less sugar more life

There have been regulations and implications like taxation placed around products packed with sugar however this still hasn’t lessened it’s impact on menus.

Diabetes is a major health issue within our continent and country. Companies that offer food related consumables do not do enough to prevent or even to help those who live with the condition. To live healthier and enjoyable lives through their products.

When one is living in fear of being diagnosed as diabetic or living with the condition itself, when they are in front of a menu they have two options basically. Choose what you want, which is delicious but packed with sugar. Continuing to live in fear that it may be contributing to ill-health outcomes or choose the healthier, boring option which fails to wow you.

Diabetics also want to enjoy their food and have ‘wow’ food experiences and enjoy unique and interesting cocktails.

Less Sugar Cocktail
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Choosing less sugar limits consumers largely to less options and there is a strong desire for more options that cater to the need for less sugar.

The truth is one doesn’t have to be diabetic to want or need less sugar. We are living in a health-conscious time where more people are opting to cut down on sugar.

As a brand take the initiative, do the research and come up with unique offerings using ingredients with less sugar or no sugar that will ‘wow’ your customers for not only their health benefits but for being delicious and unique.

The meals should come with sugar education too. People are increasingly wanting to know the amount of sugar they are putting in their bodies which most restaurants fail to disclose.

If you are in the food industry consider how you can effectively bring this insight to life through your offerings. No matter how you do it, it needs to be done. Give the consumers less sugar.


Article by Gabrielle Mixon
TrendER Insights’ Fashion Researcher, Communicator & Trend Analyst

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