Fashion equality

Gender equality. Race equality. Human dignity. It is our Constitutional Right. Through fashion, a highly expressive form we use from day to day. Providing the perfect fabric to stand for this right.

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While this is a right, it is not always adhered to in transformational ways. However Sexism still exists. Consider the pay gap between men and women and the fact that there isn’t a 50/50 representation of men and women in senior positions?

Racism plagues the minds of many households who still hold the past in their minds.

You know those people that cruise down the street with heaps of plastic. They are often overlooked in society for the role they play and how much money they save the government.

Can fashion be used as a communication tool to address these societal problems where inequality affects someone’s progress in their career. How they relate to people of other races or different social classes?

Fashion brands can look into which issues effect the consumer they cater to and encourage equality and inclusivity in their designs and campaigns.

This sort of outlook in fashion which has often been used to separate people is much needed in today’s context where people are leaning towards brands that promote inclusivity and equality.

Beware to actually live this within your company to make a real impact.


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