The importance of making a connection between people is almost indescribable. Please note that it’s not just about creating a relationship between one another. For the youth right now it’s about being heard.

At the South African fashion week 2017, I was fortunate enough to chat too celebrities, photographers, designers and normal fashion lovers. Almost every conversation I had or over heard was about the importance of making connections. How meeting and engaging people can be so beneficial long or short term.

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We all learn and inspire each other without even realizing it. Taking a part or lessons from each person we ever really spend time or grow up with. Constantly receiving information and decoding to your understanding so each person reaches their full potential.

A great book called steal like an artist by Austin Kloen, is the perfect read when you’re trying to find motivation. Giving tips and real advice on how to release your creativity and to get inspiration in today’s world.

The youth of today is more willing than ever to help or work with the next person. Corporations need to support and encourage this movement inside and outside the work place. Therefore creating these networks throughout the world.

Article by Candice Simon
TrendER Insights’ Editor & Trend Analyst



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