Recently I have observed how young women are choosing not to buy clothes for their night out. Instead they are making a design specifically for the occasion. On their own! Young people continue to set themselves apart in what they wear – design-it-yourself is more than just updating old items in the usual YouTube tutorial way.

Theses people design it and make it themselves. So it literally involves going to the fabric store. Creating or finding a pattern that goes with the design you have in mind for yourself and finally sitting down at a sewing machine.

Not everyone is committed to this sort of labour to look good and unique but people are definitely becoming more about wearing unique pieces that no one else has. This allows for brands to give people the creative expression to design an item in a way that is totally unique to how they want it.

Design-it-yourself is a concept that can bring the fashion industry profits if carefully executed. It is so relevant to young people right now and for those who do not want to sit and labour at a machine perhaps your company can diversify to cater to this desire that young people are going to such measures to satisfy.

Design-it-yourself is about being unique and wearing something beautiful that’s made just for you. In a time where everything has become so mass, the youth are continuously looking for ways to set themselves apart. Nothing is as unique and beautiful as a product made just for you, just the way you want it.

Design It Yourself

It’s a labour of love. Even more so if someone else is doing it for you. As a brand can you allow for your consumers to design items the way they want it with the help of an expert and bring that unique design to life for them?

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