Back to basics: Consumer Insight

We are so overwhelmed by rapid increase of information, technological advances that we’re constantly looking for new solutions and insights. Forgetting the most important element of it all. The human instinct and behavior.

This is the instinctive actions, beliefs and set of values that are the core reason for people to engage or behave in a certain way. These actions, beliefs and set of values are brought to life through a common human action and consumer attitude which in this case, will result in the discovery and observation of a trend.

Unlocking a consumer insight means the power to become relevant to peoples lifestyle and behaviors. No matter how much technology can advance and how many engagement platforms can develop, the only reason they will be relevant in society is if they connect to people’s behaviours and beliefs.

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However knowing someone’s behaviour, likes, dislikes, and personality does not necessarily mean that they are going to like your brand. There needs to be something about your brand that they can relate to, which holds meaning to their needs and way of life. Therefore your brand promise is just as important to consumers as a consumer insight is important to you.


About the author

Founder and Trend Analyst at TrendER Insights. Mogorosi's passion lies in unearthing consumer insights that will help brands build more meaningful relationships with their consumers. Email: