‘It’s AMA-Zing’

Debonairs’ newest campaign which describes how amazing their pizzas are,  is one of the many great South African campaigns that have once again created a new trend in the local consumers’ everyday lifestyle and speech.

They have transformed the pronunciation of the word ‘amazing’ to a more localized South African sound of ‘AMA-Zing’ giving a vernacular angle to it.

TrendER has found that more and more consumers are using this word to describe their extra-ordinary everyday experiences, this follows on past trends from words such as ‘Ayoba’.

The Debonairs campaign is a current great example to show that creating an advertising campaign is not always just about looking for what is already trending and adapting your campaigns to it. However it is also about being able to get ahead of the curve and set the trends for consumers to adapt too – which otherwise they themselves would have not come up with.

This surely is a great campaign and we are forecasting that a lot of traction can be expected on the everyday use of this word in our consumer world.

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