Consumer’s want some colour in their lives. When they go to Cape Town it’s a must to visit the colourful residential area of Bo-Kaap.

Colour can stimulate very positive feelings and when a consumer is surrounded by bright colours they almost immediately feel uplifted.

ColourfulThis month we at TrendER went to see what all the buzz was about in Bo-Kaap and we were surrounded by not just plentiful colourful houses but by locals and tourists from different parts of the world all capturing images behind the colourful backdrops.

The Uber driver wasn’t impressed by our choice of destination probably having seen it over and over again. However for those from the city or abroad who aren’t usually surrounded by that much positive colour energy it was a feast for the eyes and emotions.

The extensive use of colour creates a feeling of happiness.

As a brand is your goal not to make the consumer happy? Colour is an amazing way to literally brighten up someone’s day. If people as far away as Italy put it on their to-do list in Cape Town and the editorial team of Vogue have it on their list of places to do a photoshoot it just shows the impact of colour on the consumers decision-making and their feelings.

Colour can be incorporated in to different brand elements but as a brand it is your responsibility to see how best you can strategically incorporate colour to positively impact on the consumers perceptions and create a feeling of happiness.

Article by Gabrielle Mixon
TrendER Insights’ Fashion Researcher, Communicator & Trend Analyst

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