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It’s hard to imagine life without music. It can give a party life, make someone happy, uplifted or even feel in love. There is music for every situation. When someone is in a bad mood, especially a young person, music becomes their escape, instantly putting them in a better mood.

If music can transform moods it shouldn’t be so shocking that it can be used as a cure for ill-health.

music And Beach

At this years Design Indaba Marko Ahtisaari of The Sync Project tackled the issue of struggling to sleep. Giving  a 5min and 20min session to reconnect with yourself.

The idea is that music when carefully chosen according to personalized criteria is able to achieve specific health objectives.

They look at things like beat, the colour of the music and what happens to the brain and body when people listen to this music.

The Sync Project uses your phone to check your heart rate and then unwinds you from that point.

This is definitely a more enticing way to fall asleep than taking tablets which often have undesirable side effects.

Beyond music dealing with sleep problems this project it symbolic of a generation that is looking to their smartphones to cure themselves instead of taking medication or going to a doctor.

Those in the health fields should keep abreast of these kinds of apps that can be used as alternatives or add-ons to achieve the consumer’s health objectives. Music and technology should be used in conjunction with medical doctors and medications.


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