Enjoyable schleps

Banking queues, cell phone queries and even the thought of buying medication is such a schlep. Can these things at least be made some what enjoyable? No one eagerly wants to do any of these things. They are activities that take up time and money which is so valuable to consumers.

All the consumer has known is how tedious these activities are. Where are the FSP’s, the telecommunications companies and the retail pharmacies who care about consumers and want to delight them even in very ordinary activities? We are living in a time where the consumer wants to enjoy the little things. These errands are not fun but what is that one thing that you as a brand can do to create a sense of enjoyment for the consumer, setting your brand apart from everyone else? Perhaps its a short-term strategy that aims to delight consumers in your brand environment or it could be a long-term strategy. As long as you do something that will create a greater affinity towards your brand.

Services by brands operating in the above mentioned industries have been on autopilot and consumers are longing for refreshing services and environments beyond just these. A consumer posted a picture of a public toilet where a cleaner placed fresh flowers in the bathroom which adds something special to an often standardised space that is taken for granted.

enjoyable schleps

Engaging the different senses in some way or another is what lifestyle companies seek to do and which sets them apart from competitors. Can Banks, Communications and Pharmaceutical businesses apply this insight to their space to delight the consumer in their space? I think they can and even brands in these industries should be thinking of ways to enhance the consumers lifestyle, making their lives more beautiful and enjoyable in ordinary activities.

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