Township as lifestyle choice, not income

The township has long been seen as the residential or geographic habitat for the middle to lower income earners. In fact it has gone as far as the level of education and modernism to be significantly low in the township. Yes to an extent some of this still proves true, however there has been a significant change in what was then seen as a typical township dweller to the modern township dweller.

The township represents a unique lifestyle, norms and habits that even if one can afford to live in an upmarket suburb, they still prefer to live in the township. It is that sense of togetherness and human spirit that a township provides . As there is much more interaction amongst neighbours and the community in a township than other areas. Kids get to play together interact and learn from each other, they are more free to go outside and play.

The township tourist
The modern South African township has managed to now harness those true unique township experiences. Which no one would otherwise experience elsewhere in the world as new tourist attractions.Places like Sakumzi in Soweto and Mzoli’s in Gugulethu provide authentic African customs and experiences that have made it into tourism magazines attracting many tourist visitors to these places

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