More traveling experiences beyond Ekhaya

What is Ekhaya? Most black youth from townships, small towns and rural ares come into different south African cities to find professional work. Ekhaya is the term referred to, where one comes from and was was born.

Many young black people are having more traveling experiences than ever before. At first one travelled Ekhaya (home) during holidays and that was considered a holiday, however this has changed over the years.With more and more young black professionals exploring the country and the world as part of their holiday travels. But with increased income over the years and more exposure to the world, the black mass market no longer has the same holiday pattern of going Ekhaya.
Travel packages have now become a popular choice of considering traveling destinations, as this is an easier more affordable way to plan holidays especially if its new to a person.
Black tax was also a major contribution for people going back home during December, Easter, Winter and Spring holidays because one had to make sure that they bought groceries and brought some money back home. Now they are able to send money without traveling Ekhaya through options such as mobile money transfer

When one refers to home in the black market, it does not mean their own place but rather means their parents place. An important nuance to understand especially when communicating to this market so that the terminologies are not confuse

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