Black market: Lifestyle as freedom of expression

“Not only do I want people to see me with all these achievements and money, but I also want to enjoy them to the fullest.”
Shift from public admiration to self fulfillment. It is no longer about having material possessions to gain public admiration but about living life to the fullest and enjoying every aspect of their money and achievements. Success is now all about one’s experiences in life and making the best of every moment.
“Living life to the fullest, I can do whatever I like, whenever I like, with whomever I like, without being stifled by resources.”
We see this becoming more of an individual expression than it is about anyone else.
It’s a way for one to be able to pat themselves on the back and be proud of what they have achieved, reflected by the activities they do.

Living with the ability to make positive change for others is one of the most fundamental duties of a successful Black person. It is not even something one thinks about or considers but something that is deeply entrenched in one’s DNA. – Ubuntu

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