To have and to hold

Holding an object can deepen the connection you have with it. People are constantly holding their phones and no one needs to tell you how connected they are to their phone. They are connected to their phones not because it is a Samsung or because it is an Apple but because on it they express and curate their lifestyles and interests.

In the same way your brand can be held close to the consumer but it isn’t necessarily about holding your brand that will give them a strong connection to it. Your brand needs to cater more inherently to their lifestyle and interests. Allowing them to curate it through your brand. This will provide a far better connection with the consumer which will keep you top-of-mind without having your brand name spread across it. ‘To hold’ can be objects that are meaningful for the consumer to hold. Your brand would have allowed them to experience this object in your brand space.

To Have Or To Hold

To have or to hold is effective in connecting with the consumer on both a physical and emotional level. There will be greater support for brands that show this particular interest in catering and connecting with their consumers interests.

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