Fashion films

The consumer wants to enhance their lifestyle. It goes beyond their one dimensional digital self which is expressed in words and pictures. It is about experiencing and enhancing what they have in the real world through real life experiences. Fashion is about lifestyle and the 3D experience you as a consumer have through it.

Taking that into account there is a rise of fashion films within SA. The importance consumers place on a better lifestyle and gaining experiences ties in well with fashion films. First-hand they see how clothes aren’t just something they wear. Rather clothing enhances their lifestyle and allows them to experience life more fully.

Fashion Films

SA fashion brands must move beyond Instagram photos. They must aim more to document on film the lifestyle experienced with clothes as the enabler. This is needed because of the high rise of competitors and globalization. Both having put pressure on brands within our market to set themselves apart. Fashion films are one way of doing this. Engaging the consumers emotions and senses through their fashion clothing.

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