The youth is fashion

I think it’s possible that we have one of the most fun youth cultures in the world. It is crazy, liberal and filled with attitude.

Music, both local and international, is a big enabler for the youth. Inspiring them to see themselves in new and sometimes crazy ways. The way in which music is sold, it encourages liberalism amongst the youth. All of which has influenced how the youth present themselves in terms of clothing and appearance.

the youth is fashion

The music videos you see on TV are, for one, encouraging wearing no bras. Inspiring people to get tattoos and dye their hair crazy colours. Everything has a flare of attitude. They are down for whatever, experimenting liberally and while they may wear whatever they want, it’s not what they wear but rather how they wear it that’s fashionable. While not wearing a bra can sexualize a woman it also liberates her. Which says something about her more than how it looks to not wear a bra. A crazy hair colour may not look appealing but the fact that someone is brave enough to rock green hair is fashionable in its own right. When it comes to tattoos, well the weirder the better. People used to say that tattoos are acceptable when they have a special meaning. The youth really don’t care too much for deep meanings. Take Kendall Jenner who now has a tattoo in her mouth that says ‘meow’.

While the youth’s parents grew up under much stricter conditions, they are so liberal. It’s not what they wear that makes the biggest statement or impact but rather their attitude and approach to life that is so appealing.

It’s impacting fashion in a big way. The youth are shaping what is acceptable in fashion and big retailers and fashion houses either have to have the youth on their side and by on their side I mean hire young people. Or just know and be really attentive towards them.

the youth is fashion

Their nonchalant attitude towards fashion and life in general is fashionable and allows them to wear a suit one day and jeans and a white tee the next. All the while expressing themselves freely. They are the epitome of freedom and that is fashionable.

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