People are living more boldly

People are exposed to so much on social media and when they go out they are no doubt finding inspiration to be bolder in how they express themselves. They are overt with their relationships, sharing intimate moments for the world to see. In pop culture, music and fashion particularly reflects the happiness experienced in not caring too much and being bold in how one expresses themselves freely, not worried about who sees. It’s also a cry for attention. The people in their lives are very busy and it’s as if they are fighting for each other’s attention. To get a conversation or reaction from one another. People are busier than ever before.

Social media in general is not for the shy either. You are intentionally putting yourself and life out there for people to see. It’s little things like this that has given people more courage to step out boldly and show themselves in a light that calls for or welcomes attention.

People are living more boldly.


Moments around one’s pool in summer is not an intimate experience anymore but is shared on Snapchat, Whatsapp statuses or Instagram to show several others moments that normally would only be experienced by those around the pool. Probably because people who you wanted to be there can’t and by sharing it you showing them what they’re missing out on? Being bold is a way of expressing one’s unique value.

Bringing this bold expression to bland retail spaces is needed. How boldly consumers are expressing themselves is how brands in the retail space need to be expressing themselves.

Products that are part of the consumer’s lifestyle should be further communicated in a bold setting. As people want to stand out, so your products that they use should stand out on a shelf or railing.

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