Teens: compassionate and entrepreneurial

People being clearly identified by clothing is over. For example, a ‘nerd’ can be super stylish and actually look like a punk rocker. People are becoming less interested in defining a clear path for how they represent themselves. People are less prone to choose friends who look like them or dress like them. From a brand perspective, they are not looking to you to define their image. They are creating it themselves.



They want to be more compassionate as they are exposed to many injustices in society and they are also strongly motivated to be entrepreneurs. They desire to be their own boss, inspiring and helping others.

Teens rely on brands less. As a result of information access and being highly connected to people they are using their compassion and helping spirit to fuel their entrepreneurial spirit.
The barriers to success as a young person are lowering.

In their relationships they are sharing, connecting and collaborating more. On social media, they are strongly connected to hashtags such as #bossbabe and #hustle. Their unlimited access to information allows them to maximize resources and build their lives more efficiently. While helping build the lives of those around them.

When they do use the products and services of a business, it most often needs to provide a yes to: ‘does this business help better myself and is it helping others’?

There is a great need for education in our country and opportunities for employment and personal growth. However, teens are looking to the government less and pushing a self-made, self-paid and self-educated mantra towards life. If they can do it for themselves, they are more motivated to help others in the process. Strongly believing that they will rise by lifting others up with them.

As brands, you don’t want to baby teens or treat them like rebellious children. It’s the time to treat them with respect, as co-workers. Collaborating with them to bring much needed solutions that speak to an entire generation. A generation driven to be entrepreneurs and to be compassionate in what they do.

Stereotypes kept teens in their secluded groups, through social media, people have become more compassionate. Being exposed to many different people and stories. They are more connected to one another and more driven in pursuing entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship that brings societal change. Something they believe many brands lack.

About the author

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