The Mannequin Challenge

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Don’t you wish you could just freeze time? With moments of celebration or joy being as fleeting as they are, video technology and social media are giving these moments prolonged life.

With celebrities, sportsmen and basically anybody who has a moment they find cool, joyful, funny or just plain-down-worthy of sharing they get their friends involved, freeze a moment it over video, capture the entire scene and each person’s frozen movement within the scene and then tie it together with a song.

Black Beatles by Rae Sremmurd has become the soundtrack to the “mannequin challenge” which has subsequently influenced their ranking on the Billboard Hot 100 considering how popular this challenge has become in recent days.

Videos are uploaded to Facebook and Twitter and even Instagram. It started over a month ago among students in Florida, US and in this short amount of time it has gone viral and has already reached over 600 000 accepted challenges on Instagram.
Considering how videos are gaining momentum as opposed to capturing still images the #mannequinchallenge just pushed accelerate on video sharing.

Brands can take advantage of modern and future trends like the #mannequinchallenge to show off their product benefits, demonstrated by the latest E-Class #MannequinChallenge YouTube video below to demonstrate,The Mercedes-Benz E-Class with Park Pilot.:

Brands can harness this trend to connect and communicate with consumers in a way that is extremely current and that they can relate to as consumers wish they could freeze their most enjoyable moments. This can be effectively used in advertising, so use this trend to your advantage and show them that they can freeze time and enjoy moments with your brand.

Article by Gabrielle Mixon
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