The future is female

The independence and voice of women in South Africa is on the rise.  The hashtag #metoo set fire trails across all social platforms, with more women finally talking about their traumatic experiences.

However if the future really is female as consumers have expressed, it’s going to take further speaking out to make real impactful changes in the lives of women world wide. Increasing empowerment so that as women we will have better experiences and create an equal future for other generations to come.

From violence against women to discrimination and inequality. There are many barriers to women succeeding in life. It takes uncovering the barriers women face to actually overcome, address and move forward completely.

Brands should really be speaking to the minds of women at all times not just in August. They should also be creating platforms and opportunities for them to express their minds and let their voice be heard. Women are a macro force within our country who need strong support. Big brands have the capacity and influence to drive the force forward. So what’s the outcome of this for the brand? Ideally they would be a driver in female progression and beyond this, receive greater brand support.

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