Building the bigger picture

Innovation in Africa is at an unbelievable all time low. At such a prominent time of world wide awareness and growth this is unacceptable. Innovation by definition is a new method of thinking. The action or process of innovating is crucial to the continuating success of any organization.

Essentially any political decisions issued through the government, impact the economical status of ones country. Inconsistent budgets are direct actions and implications that effect the business cycle. Private research and development in essential resources is required to start up or rescue any company. However South African’s and their businesses remain in this broken cycle. Small businesses arent given enough or any funds to expand. Larger corporations fail to respect smaller competitors. Opportunities are given based off nepotism instead of status quo.

Unemployment and poverty increases, as the middle to lower class employee suffers to cover monthly expenses. The World Happiness Report states that over 1 billion adults experience anxiety, depression and conduct disorders. Due to a lack of incentives nor employee satisfaction. Majority of SA’s consumers experience real consequences and feel unappreciated.

Corporations need to invest more time into their employees and consumers. A simple advice or inquiry session with a business psychologist, could easily assist and encourage the young or old. Introduce an open-minded approach when considering promotions and hiring. Be willing to try different ideas and explore the potential in new trends. Take a larger interest in actions and not just experience. As the consumer evolves, businesses require change too. Indicate how you’ve operated in the past and how you’re working towards the future. Note what isn’t and is successful to the present moment.

There is a huge gap that can be the leading change South Africans need. By simply paying attention and listening to the consumers. Smarter investments are made and the decisions there after will have incredible results.

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