Better Together

As South African’s we have grown up or around the value of uBuntu. As our country has modernized and grown even more comfortable with westernized values there is a strong feeling of isolation amongst people. Downcast feelings are heightened when one feels alone. Getting together with others who have a shared value overcomes feelings of depression.

Social media has intersected an individual’s life with more people. They would have never had as many people in their life if the internet did not exist. While they are connected to more people, the result has been that they still feel alone and unable to share what they really feel. Although social media allows for freedom of expression, it can also be very pretentious. Therefore, making it more difficult to really connect with others. To feel a sense of companionship/community that we all truly desire.

As brands, you can create spaces where people don’t come solely to support your brand but rather come into a collaborative space. Where the consumer can socialize with others and make friends easily. A space where they express themselves just as easily without judgement. While social media allows for creative and self-expression it does more to suppress the less attractive parts of a consumer’s life. Spaces are needed where consumers can express to others their dissatisfactions and challenges too. Provide your consumer the freedom and platforms to do so.

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