The consumer’s bag

The joys of having the means to buy all that you desire. It most often requires a bigger bag. The consumer’s bag holds all the things they hold dear or necessary. In essence while the consumer’s bag may be small, large or anything in between it is about the attitude attached to these accessories. Or the lack of them.

Deciding not to leave home with a bag comes with a less-concerned approach where one is not really attached to anything. They understand the impermanence of things, wanting to enjoy the moment and not let anything stop them or hold them back. Consumers could have an attitude of making the most of what they have.

When the consumer’s bag is small it could be indicative of a consumer who isn’t that concerned with materialism or in over-preparing. They are able to ‘wing-it’ and have an enjoyable time with less.

The medium bag is the consumer who is level-headed. They have a relatively balanced outlook or at least try to have one. They want to be practical and have everything they may need at hand when they leave to go out.

A large bag is carried by the thinker. A consumer who has a lot to consider and who may need more products and items at hand. They think ahead and don’t want to be unprepared. It usually involves long occasions like an entire day out or travelling over-night but is not limited to this.

The consumer’s bag or lack of the accessory will reflect their attitude depending on the occasion. The bag has an attitude and occasions in consumer’s lives have an attitude. The insight is to attach the attitude of the consumer with the attitude of the occasion in their life. This could be the care-free attitude of a music festival, the balanced attitude of going to college or work or the thinking traveller who wants to be prepared for an entirely new environment.

The consumer reflects their bag in different occasions and it is an opportunity for brands to sell this attitude more effectively through advertising and product development. It also creates the opportunity to cross-sell items that relate to this attitude and occasion.

the consumer\'s bag

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