Only do shit you like

In the past, career choices have been so limited. Few ever achieved their wildest dreams when it comes to career path. People are vastly stuck in jobs they hate. While it can be unavoidable, in their free time they still encourage themselves to do things that they really enjoy – if the job they dislike even allows them the free time to do so. Millennials absolutely hate this. While some have jobs they hate there are some who are following more entrepreneurial pursuits related to industries they are passionate about. Millennials have the mindset to work for themselves and until they achieve their goals. You will commonly find this in collective groups where people build their talents as a group rather than on their own.

When people are still in varsity and high school they really have this mentality to ‘only do shit you like’. It makes you happy and happy people make other people happy. There are two solutions to helping consumers “only do shit you like”. Help young individuals to realize what makes them happy and two help those who know what they like to actually do it.


only do shit you like
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TEFL Academy is a great example of a company that knows what many young people like. They like to travel and be free. Their teaching academy allows young people to go and teach oversees which caters directly to something they like.

Young people are following unconventional and new paths to do what they like. They are looking for every opportunity to avoid a life of regret and dislike towards work and relationships. Doing what they like makes them happy and it may even mean not using their varsity qualification and doing something completely different.

While the consumer’s life may be filled with things they do not like. They are actively seeking to find things to do which they do like and want MORE of it.

As a brand give consumers increasing opportunities to do what they like and be the brand that makes it possible.

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