Exclusive Entertainment

While people enjoy checking in to the locations that they are at. Feeling the need to share the places that they go to with friends, family and colleagues. However there is a unique crowd that prefers to keep their gems a secret.

With growing numbers of entertainment spots that people keep to themselves. No these aren’t dodgy establishments that are illegal, these are regular licensed restaurants.

People prefer to be more and more exclusive while having elite entertainment. With this brings them the sense of comfort that is far beyond mainstream entertainment that everybody experiences. You get to feel even more luxurious and not everyone has this piece of entertainment. The feeling of being apart of a society is exclusive and premium. From the guest list at the door to gain entry to the private invites that you get to events.

Brands are able to partner with these Secret Gems and have private and intimate conversations with the consumers. Having a stronger reception towards this form of collaboration, as the brands also need to meet the premium target. ¬†These are places like private Cigar and bar lounges, Secret Gin bars, Secret underground clubs and many other “secret” gems.

As exclusive as these places are, more people want to keep them for themselves. Building on a culture of being in the same space and with the same crowd. Sharing a loyalty behind these consumers.


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