Social responsibility

Intense protesting has been seen on the streets, people take part in marches for everyone to see. However there are other ways of campaigning and it is happening all around us. People are coming together, adding fuel to one another’s fire so that real change can begin to happen. There is a unity of people standing for causes brands aren’t necessarily fighting for or bringing change to.

Consumers take off on Facebook, Twitter even Instagram to express the changes they want and desire. They also share news on social injustice they see happening so that they can help others see what’s happening too. Not everyone is ‘woke’ but in today’s society it is becoming more important to be. Today’s consumers are becoming more conscious of the injustices in society that go beyond poverty and malnutrition. This state of being ‘woke’ is actually bringing people together in a progressive way. There’s a long way to go but brands should be getting on it in the most relevant and authentic way, engaging consumers on the injustices they see in an honest and open way.

Individual campaigning is growing because social issues that matter to the consumer differ from person to person. Taking this into account as a brand it is really a contradiction to stand for one injustice at the moment because there are so many. All your consumers are different so don’t let consumers contribute to a singular cause but empower them to contribute to causes that matter to them. It does require actually finding out where they wish to see social change in their lives and the lives around them. It will be way more meaningful and impactful than limiting them to one cause that they don’t necessarily connect with. As important as CSI is for a brand today it is just as important to empower the consumer to support the cause that matters to them.

Brands themselves must exercise being engaging and ‘woke’ which will then lead to more meaningful CSI and positive changes solving the injustices. The ones shoved under the rug are the ones consumers are shedding light on. This is where brands must look.


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