The latest surge of co-ordinated items make it effortless for consumers to dress up for a day or night out. Matching tops and bottoms have not only been seen at several fashion retailers but also by fashion start-ups and on people that take particular pride in getting dressed up and looking stylish.


Having looks that are easy to style and put together are increasingly desired by the consumer. As their time is mostly spent on work, going to varsity and balancing family and social life.

Co-orindated Uniconz
South African Streetwear Label: Uniconz

Choosing clothes can be a time-consuming task that leaves the consumer dissatisfied in what they have put on their bodies. There is also increased pressure in today’s society to look good. Thus wearing clothing that will look good if you are to take a picture that is posted on social media for everyone to see.

Co-ordinated Docc
South African Streetwear Label: DOCC

With all the fashion inspiration around the consumer is increasingly feeling the need to keep up and meet a certain level of style. Feeling cool in what they wear.

Co-ordinated fashion hits that mark and right now is becoming a go-to style. As a fashion brand look to the co-ordinated trend in your offerings to cater to the consumers need for effortless style and a picture-ready look.

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