South Africa on the map

We live in a third world country, life’s challenging. One thing is for sure though, African people know how to make the most of what they have. The world is beginning to notice South African’s not for their struggle but because of their amazing talents and gifts. South African’s who have known the struggle and more optimistically, the reward of hard work. We’ve become relatable and inspiring to many people in the world because we surpassed our past living conditions. Allowing our talents to live beyond the country’s borders.

We may be a third world country where life can be tough but people have huge respect for other South African’s who have managed to put our country on the map, globally. Some recognisable names that come to mind – Trevor Noah, Laduma Ngxokolo, Rich Mnisi, Black Coffee, Pearl Thusi…the list goes on. Our country’s greatest resource is our people. We do have natural resources, a beautiful climate and stunning nature. At the heart of the country we are diverse, gritty, friendly and beautiful people.

South Africa On The Map


Our music scene is growing and influencing people abroad, who are appreciating SA artists too. While foreigners may like the flavour South African’s have, people who live here are growing to appreciate local music too. When it comes to fashion they are filled with pride to be buying clothing made here and to see local artists’ work making global impressions. We’ve also experienced great success on the sport side of things.

To put South Africa on the map is to showcase these people to our country and to the world as people are already doing on social media.

Creating opportunities for people to have a global impact. Having our talents and gifts be exposed to a world audience is important. Brands can’t just be playing around locally. People are sharing not just for other South Africans to see, but for the world to see. To see what South Africa is made of. If you want to show the world what South Africa has got to offer or you want to inspire South Africans, show them people who are producing great work that transcends our country.

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