People want diversity and freedom of choice

People want more than ever to be able to choose who they connect with, regardless of different skin colour or religion and any other discriminating factor for that matter. 94 kids are born frees, if there’s anything we understand about them is that unless circumstances were different. Their parents or elders who weren’t ‘born free’ have influenced their life, race isn’t a thing to them. They are accepting of people who are different to them, transcending the boundaries of race. Transcending who they are conditioned to be friends with or who to be in romantic relationships with. The royal wedding this past weekend further encourages people who are still on the fence when it comes to diversity and the ability to choose differently. For born frees mixed relationships are a norm.


people want diversity and freedom of choice


We live in a time of multiculturism as well as mixed couples and mixed races. It’s about connecting and connecting transcends boundaries. People want diversity, to connect with people and to experience freedom to choose differently.

People in the past have been conditioned into who they should marry and who they should be friends with. Now they want diversity in their relationships and freedom to choose people to be in their lives who may be very different to them.

People can’t relate to brands that are ‘too white’ or ‘too black’. As Vans shows the youth in their recent communication they are “not just one thing”. Which shows that they are about diversity, that their choices may change and that they are free to embrace all differences.


people want diversity and freedom of choice


The opportunity is then to bring diversity and freedom of choice to the consumer. On one hand personalization is a great opportunity to bring to life freedom of choice. On another hand, it is still about people and relationships. So while diversity and choice may relate to the physicality of your products. It should also show up strong in communication and the people that are associated to your business.

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