South Africa: festivals on the rise

People have a growing desire to attend festivals. The challenge for businesses is finding new ways to interest these people at these festivals. Music festivals can become redundant, especially annual ones.




The upside is that the business’s consumer is diverse. In pop culture, it is very clear that the lifestyle lead by people offers great variety. They are enthusiastically exploring a variety of interests and strong feelings towards fashion. They are foodies who love an opportunity to enjoy good cocktails while listening or dancing to good music. They attend sport games and are interested in fitness making them game-lovers too. With a growing interest in art and poetry. These interests form an intricate connected web amongst people. The youth is also delving into the culture of other people through travel. If they are unable to travel they are taking it upon themselves, to educate themselves on the culture of other people or their own culture.

Technology on the other hand is becoming more apart of people. Head phones are inseparable from people who love music. Wearable tech is on the rise, parties with head phones provide a more intimate music experience.

Festive celebrations go beyond birthdays and traditional annual holidays. Relative to the consumers interests it’s about sharing more niche, personal and sentimental spaces.

AfrikaBurn which recently took place in TankwaKaroo is a creative arts festival. The South African version of the US’s Burning Man. We have seen events like the Whiskey Festival, Afropunk, Wine Not, Gin Fusion, Corona Sunsets and Sexy Groovy Love capture the hearts of people. Going forward there is an even greater opportunity to create festivals that are personal and connect with people’s various interests.

A festival is a reason for celebration. Instead of doing the same old thing repetitively. Brands should really seek to understand the diversity of their consumer, their interests too. Bringing something more meaningful to life for them in a festival setting.

When you think of a festival, no doubt, you think of music. However as much as music will always be a key component in these festivals to maintain the interest of the consumer, it is important to bring their other interests to life in these settings. Festivals that celebrate their culture or another culture. A festival that brings a spirit of gaming and competition. Even a festival that celebrates artistry and fashion in the midst of music and the dancing.

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