Generation Empathy

The sole purpose of your business is to make a profit. Yet from the consumer’s point of view they are growing tired of other people and even businesses that just want money while lacking empathy. As people facing many challenges for whatever reasons they are still expressing themselves on social media. As they do this they just want to be accepted and seen for who they are and not who others or brands want them to be.

Traditionally, in families especially, there’s sharing and emphasis made on understanding each other’s point of view.

While society has been prone to create standards and judge people who don’t meet those standards, things are changing. In culture, there’s a growing acceptance in being and staying true to who you are. Having freedom of choice and expressing it publically. For those close and far to see.

People want to express themselves freely without being judged. Making them more empathetic towards others.

This is resulting in heightened social awareness. Both online and in real life. When dealing with people a number of factors need to be considered so as not to judge another incorrectly.

Young people especially have great social awareness. What their parents would judge negatively, they are more indifferent or perhaps even more positive towards. They have more freedom to share and as others do the same they feel empathetic towards them.

To show less judgement and more acceptance towards one another is a transformational tool. Using understanding helps people get along better, work together more harmoniously and ultimately improve productivity.

Businesses may use the power of empathy within their organization to get everyone involved working together harmoniously. This same tool can be used to create a stronger connection with consumers. In service, in product development and communication, allow consumers to express themselves more freely. Encouraging acceptance amongst consumers. In a time of great sexism and racism, empathy isn’t a choice. It’s a must. That needs to be driven by companies who really want to change the world.

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