Social Media: the detox people are going for

In December food is consumed excessively by most people. Partying done more than usual and alcohol, well no one needs to tell you. Beyond this, social media has been consumed excessively. It is addictive. Almost like a reflex for most people. In 2018, it’s resulting in people tapping out and saying they need moderation when it comes to social media. Or tapping out with absolute loss of interest in the whole social media thing. At least for now.

They are deactivating much loved social media accounts such as Instagram or logging out so that they can obtain greater control of the amount of time they spend on it. This is also an effort to connect with themselves and the real world more. This is all because of being over-connected and over-exposed to content that does not necessarily deal with what matters to them. They want to get to the core of who they are and pursue that more authentically.

social media the detox people are going for

In 2018 people are taking actionable steps to connecting more with what matters to them. This means being more selective when it comes to social media, using these platforms less or not using them at all.

The talk of ‘digital is the future’ is very fair however to leave the real world out of the future puts digital in a vulnerable position. People are looking for real life solutions. Not to be digitally overloaded as in the previous years. Especially with brand messaging, when rather what they want to see and do is what’s relevant to their lives. Which is their friends and family and expressing themselves more authentically.

Facebook and Instagram are taking this consumer desire into account with their new updates. They are helping consumers see posts mostly from friends and family and less from brands and publishers.

As brands, 2018 is the year to be finding new, real ways to connect with those on a social media detox. As much as people are detoxing from social media it doesn’t mean they don’t like it or won’t return. Just don’t put all your eggs in the social media basket, especially not right now. Allow your consumers to self-discover as organically as possible through your brand. Remembering this when communicating with them on their online and real life.

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