Female fashion welcoming menswear

female fashion welcoming menswearFeminism is one of the biggest movements happening at the moment. Firstly, it’s a fight for equality and more importantly a continuous change of perception of what it means to be a woman. It’s a movement that empowers women to push the boundaries, find strength and freedom.

It has its influence on fashion as a result. While some men have worn ‘women’s’ clothing, women are way more comfortable in ‘men’s’ clothing. Feminism is a stronger movement than softness in men right now.

In the same breath, young millennial males are way more in touch with their emotional, softer side. Music plays a big contribution to this. Young millennial females are way more empowered. As a result, genderless fashion is hot with them both. A balance is found when females embrace their strength and males embrace their softness. This balance having found new life in appearance and increasing the appeal for gender neutral clothing.

female fashion welcoming menswear

On another spectrum where women and men can still have many differences, women don’t particularly want to wear gender neutral clothing but rather wear menswear.

It’s like a woman who is empowered who doesn’t want to drink a gender-neutral beer but rather drink Black Label. It’s part of the good fight. Clothing, drinks and career positions obtained because it is favoured for the power, freedom and feminist appeal in it.

On a clothing level bringing this comfort with men’s wear into the space women shop is a move for the future. Brands should look for ways to close in on the gender gap. Relevant to the changes happening in society and the consumer’s psyche.

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