People succeed by hustling

Adding ‘worry’ to the end of the month name was a clear expression of people’s anxious thoughts toward money. While the new year may be a time of struggling finances and sacrifices, people’s drive and ambition to get things moving forward is increasing. People succeed by hustling. The worry, however, has not seized in people’s lives but the desire to hustle has increased.


people succeed by hustling


People’s efforts are energized as they try to make the new year better than the one before. People are finding fresh inspiration to push their hustle forward. Hoping that in pushing it forward lies the promise of success. People do not believe the companies they currently work for will bring them the success and satisfaction they are looking for. This is where the disconnect exists between corporate jobs and the individual’s personal hustle. They may get money from corporates but they get life from investing time and energy and even money into their personal interests.

If the company a person works for can’t improve the lives of employees or the community it’s no wonder people are hopefully looking more towards their hustles rather than their primary work place.

The new year has them engaging in more reading and more going out and meeting people. This is all part of the hustle and opportunity seeking. There is an increase in the desire to learn. People are seeking higher education and even self-education through resources available to them. Mostly online.

Instagram is an oasis for the hustle especially in creative fields. However, there is still opportunity to create physical spaces to enhance the hustle. Mesh in Rosebank is the kind of place that facilitates networking and socializing. It caters to a specific market.

However, people across the board are in search of places where they can enhance their hustle. Spaces where people can share, find opportunities and have a good time at a cost they can afford.

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